Accessing the Payment Information on the Internet

  1. From the Comptroller's Home Page ( click Vendor Payments, located in the middle of the screen, to display the Vendor Login screen.

  1. From the Vendor Login screen, enter your Vendor Identification Number in the space provided (do not use dashes or spaces). It will appear as a series of asterisks.  Click the "Ok" button. (If a security information box appears, click the "Yes" button to continue.) The Vendor Summary screen is displayed.

  1. The Vendor Summary screen displays summary information regarding current Contracts, Encumbrances and Expenditures, if available. For more detailed payment information, click the Payments icon or button to access the Selection Criteria screen.  Note that the “expenditures” amount represents those vouchers that the Comptroller’s Office has approved for payment.  The associated warrant (check) may not yet be written.

Using the Selection Criteria screen, you can narrow your search for more specific information.  The various options are described below:

Once you have selected your criteria, click on Find Warrants to access detailed information.

  1. The next screen provides a list of any commercial payments issued during the selected fiscal year in chronological order with most recent payments first (the default is the current fiscal year) unless your selection criteria specified otherwise. Information provided on this screen includes:

  1. Explanation of Payment Types:

  1. Click on the Warrant or Electronic Funds Number and the following information regarding the payment will be provided:  

Warrant Status Descriptions



Issued and Outstanding: The warrant has been written, but has not been cashed by the payee.


Paid: The warrant has been cashed and cleared.


Requested Agency Stop: A stop payment due to notification by the vouchering agency of non-entitlement.


Requested Payee Stop: The payee/agency has asked for a stop payment because a replacement warrant has been requested.


Confirmed Agency Stop: A confirmation of a stop payment due to non-entitlement.


Escheated: The warrant is over a year old and is no longer valid.


Confirmed Payee Stop: Confirmation of a stop payment is initiated due to a warrant replacement request.


Escheatable: The warrant has been marked as escheated and is awaiting a status change to "E".


Held: The warrant is being held from the mail at the vouchering agency’s request.


Void & Replaced: The warrant has been voided and replaced due to an involuntary withholding claim.


Undeliverable: The warrant was returned by the postal service and is being held pending advice from vouchering agency.


Request Payee Rescind Stop: The requested payee stop payment referred to in status "B" has been rescinded.


Canceled for Redeposit: The warrant has been canceled and redeposited in the fund.


Canceled for Redeposit: The warrant has been canceled and redeposited in the fund because the warrant was undeliverable.


Voided & Replaced: A warrant has been voided and replaced because the original was lost, mislaid, etc. The warrant must be less than one year old.


Request Agency Rescind Stop: The requested agency stop payment referred to in status "A" has been rescinded.